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Writer: Second page has "First Page Header (Default Style)" ‒ Pages 3 onward just "Default Header"

asked 2017-10-28 21:43:35 +0200

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updated 2017-10-28 21:45:07 +0200

I want my document to have two page styles, for header and footer purposes: First Page and Default.

I usually do not have difficulty changing the F11 ‒ Page Style settings so that First Page has First Page style and Pages 2 onward have Default style.

The problem I'm experiencing is that Page 2 seems to be caught in limbo. I have set the page to Default style. However, the header appears as "First Page Header (Default Style)". In effect, LibreOffice has created three different header types in my document. Unfortunately, as I can't upload screen captures, I will have to describe what I'm seeing. (The page numbers here pertain to "absolute" page numbers, i.e. no shenanigans ‒ Page 1 is the first page of the overall document, Page 2 is the second page of the overall document, etc.).

Page 1:

Selected page style on F11 styles menu: First Page

Descriptor bar beneath the header: First Page Header (First Page)

Page 2:

Selected page style on F11 styles menu: Default

Descriptor bar beneath the header: First Page Header (Default Style)

First Page Header (Default Style)?????? What in tarnation, aren't First Page and Default supposed to be separate styles? What kind of unholy miscegination am I looking at here???

Page 3 (and all subsequent pages)

Selected page style on F11 styles menu: Default

Descripter bar beneath the header: Header (Default Style)


Hopefully the above is an accurate description of the issue. I want the Page 2 header to match Page 3 header.

I tried inserting manual page breaks, but that didn't correct the issue.

I have tried implementing suggestions of the following threads, to no avail:

How do I begin page numbers on page 2 in Writer

Page Styles the same on all pages [closed]

Problem formatting Header [closed]

Thanks for your time if you're able to make any sense of this issue!

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answered 2017-10-28 22:16:52 +0200

In the page style, look at "Same content on first page" under Header and Footer. You have it checked, likely.

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