Page Styles the same on all pages

I need to create a series of technical documents, each with a title page and any number of subsequent pages. These are formatted differently.

It seems that I am incapable of making headers/footers appear on the 2nd page and disappear from the first. I have tried (many times) using the ‘first page’ style and then any other style for the 2nd and subsequent pages. Any style I apply to any one page in the document is applied to all pages in the document. That seemeth silly.

I have tried making the 2nd page a different section. But the behavior remains. All headers and footers that I create for any page either appear or disappear from all pages in the document. I have tried both checking and unchecking the header or footer box in the appropriate style selection.

The best thing for me would be to create a template from one document, this also does not work. Any time I open the template and save it under a different filename, all the style formatting disappears.

I found a link that says this is fixed in Ver 3.7, but that is not available yet. Please somebody offer me a clue!

“In LibreOffice, headers are specified by page styles …”LibreOffice Writer Guide — Chapter 4 · Formatting Pages — Chapter 7 · Working with Styles (new guides for the 3.6.x branch)

Sample file:

OP: @Geekasaurus

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