Toolbars in impress keep disappearing

asked 2017-11-20 18:05:41 +0100

jonoave gravatar image

I'm running Libreoffice on MacOs Sierra 10.12.6.

In Impress, I added a new toolbar (text formatting), and lock all toolbars. There is 2 toolbars by default, so now there is 3 toolbars stacking on each other. However, the toolbar I added keeps disappearing each time I open/close another file in impress/document.

And the current impress file that I'm working on (with 3 toolbars), with the window still open, I can see the text formatting toolbar literally disappear! It's getting pretty annoying to turn on the toolbar each time I close/open a new file, and while the impress file I'm working on still running!

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