tidy up the "deafault languages for documents" list, get rid of unused languages

asked 2017-12-15 15:51:58 +0200

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Could it be tidied up? Could we get rid of most of the languages from the "deafault languages for documents" list? I mean, when you want to change from one language to another, you'll have to select from among 100... which is pain... including that even of English there are like 12 dialects...

It would be so cool if one could choose from only a few languages when changing the language of the document...

(and I am aware that selecting from the menu: tools / language / for all text ... you'll be offered your default language and another one that you frequently use... THIS sounds all right! But the reality is that every now and then I'll have to choose -- from this "for all text" menu-item -- "more" ... which will lead me to the ominous "default languages for documents" list)image description

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Different users have different needs including linguistic ones. Thus, removing languages is not feasible. And what is the point of changing the default language? You basically need to define it once you have installed LibreOffice. Changing the language of a document is a bit different issue. However, once again, what is the point? LibreOffice simply accepts the language as selected with the current input method.

gabix gravatar imagegabix ( 2017-12-16 11:50:04 +0200 )edit