tidy up the "default languages for documents" list, get rid of unused languages

Could it be tidied up? Could we get rid of most of the languages from the “deafault languages for documents” list?
I mean, when you want to change from one language to another, you’ll have to select from among 100…
which is pain…
including that even of English there are like 12 dialects…

It would be so cool if one could choose from only a few languages when changing the language of the document…

(and I am aware that selecting from the menu: tools / language / for all text … you’ll be offered your default language and another one that you frequently use…
THIS sounds all right! But the reality is that every now and then I’ll have to choose – from this “for all text” menu-item – “more” … which will lead me to the ominous “default languages for documents” list)

Different users have different needs including linguistic ones. Thus, removing languages is not feasible. And what is the point of changing the default language? You basically need to define it once you have installed LibreOffice. Changing the language of a document is a bit different issue. However, once again, what is the point? LibreOffice simply accepts the language as selected with the current input method.

I only need US English. The additional languages take up drive space.

Do not answer a question unless it is a real answer.

The list takes up to several kilobytes. It would definitely help you free up your drive space significantly. In addition, it would helpfully allow you see “pt-PT” instead of “Portuguese” getting documents from others who use different languages.

You are just talking about something you don’t understand. The list is just a mapping from language codes to human-readable language names, plus some small data about locale-specific formats for that language code, for some 200 languages. You may estimate how much that list takes.

I’m speaking at the least about the interface: I’d like to eliminate what I don’t need. That would include eliminating the functions I don’t need from the left-menu.

You’d like? that’s a valid reason; but - as always with FLOSS - if you have a need, feel free to implement that.

For any developer, it’s a bloat to increase number of possible configuration, raising need to test more. For volunteers who donate their effort to the project, it’s naturally not interesting to make the project less maintainable this way. The project goal is to provide functions, not to stall because implementing wishes like this made it impossible to add anything useful. Your “bloat” is our simplicity. You get the product for free, and “pay” for that by allowing us to make it simpler to develop / maintain.

I’d like to eliminate what I don’t need

Then what’s the problem? Grab the code and make your own build.

I’m not a programmer. And as I understand, being hostile is prohibited. I’m not looking for an argument: I made my need clear. And I know I’m not the only one who has identified needs that are being disparaged.

I am not the issue.

I’m not looking for an argument: I made my need clear

Sigh. You came here to a user-to-user help site, where you may ask “how to do that”, and get an advise from another user “do that this way”. That is intended use of the site; yet, you “answer” a question answered with some advise, telling:

“This is how we’ve always done it” = bloatware.

“This is how it works” is not the same as, “This is how it can be improved”.

This way, you start an argument, and abuse the site, where feature requests and bug reports are off-topic.

Please use the site as appropriate. Thanks.