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When upgrading to LO 6.0 what's the best way to migrate the My Macros Standard Library [closed]

asked 2017-12-21 08:46:20 +0200

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updated 2020-10-24 23:28:04 +0200

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When I installed LO version 6.0.0-beta today I found that I had to start over setting it up, including:

  1. enabling unsigned macros,
  2. reinstalling my mariadb connector class path,
  3. re-loading extensions, and
  4. migrating My Macros.

To accomplish step 4 the answer to this question here by @Regina provides a method to migrate the My Macros>Standard Library>Modules between LO systems. But it's tedious if you have a bunch of modules in Standard and involves a bunch of ctrl-drags. I currently have 30 modules in Standard. It did work. And I very much appreciate her answer, but..

Is there a better and simpler way to migrate the My Macros Standard Library when moving from LO 5.x to 6.x?


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Just FYI - the change that caused this (and that is meant to eliminate these issues in the future) is commit ef2e6260fa for tdf#62303

Mike Kaganski gravatar imageMike Kaganski ( 2017-12-21 09:40:27 +0200 )edit

@Easy Trieve: Assuming this is exclusively about BASIC libraries/modules: Did you also consider to copy the complete basic subfolder from your old user profile to the new location by OS means? It's the way I prefer if no "filtering" is needed. The complete copy also moves the necessary settings.

Lupp gravatar imageLupp ( 2017-12-21 12:26:44 +0200 )edit

@Lupp, I thought about that. Wasn't sure if it was ok to do or not. A major version change I think generally means the new version is not compatible in some way with the older data or settings. But from what I've read so far, in this particular case I'm not sure that' the user data and settings are any different. Perhaps the settings are different. So yes I think it might be possible to hack the user libraries over to 6?? And I wonder why My Macros Standard is unique in how to move it?

EasyTrieve gravatar imageEasyTrieve ( 2017-12-21 20:51:21 +0200 )edit

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answered 2017-12-21 11:56:12 +0200

pierre-yves samyn gravatar image


May be you can use the StandardExportImport.odt (See my answer here).


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