Writer: Is it possible to sort a document's content based on headings?

asked 2018-02-28 15:28:00 +0200

michaelof gravatar image

I've some sort of my own FAQ documents for several themes, where I make notes about whatever issues I was able to solve after a while of searching the net, chat on IRC channels etc.

These docs are structured, each FAQ entry starts with a "heading 1" paragraph, followed by some non-heading paragraphs. The "heading 1" starts always with keywords

After a while these documents are getting pretty big, so it would be cool to sort the chapters, based on "heading 1" content.

As I've only found a "move up"/"move down" functionality in LO's Navigator, I guess this sort functionality does not exist, right?

Any hints if and how this might be possible with macros?

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