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Which video formats could be inserted into impress slide ? [closed]

asked 2013-03-21 10:52:03 +0200

TuxMario gravatar image

updated 2021-06-19 21:34:23 +0200

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I tried to insert a video into a slide (menu : Insertion ==> Video and sound) I tried .avi (XVID/MP3) format. Insertion is OK but Diaporama produced only AUdio part I tried .ogv (Theora/Vorbis).Insertion is not possible

My configuration GNULinux/Kubuntu : 12.10 LibreOffice :

What format is recommended for Video inserted into slide ?

Thanks Sincerely yours : TuxMario

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WMV. I have ever converted my YouTube video to WMV to embed into impress slide using my favorite video editor - Joyoshare Media Cutter.

catherine lee gravatar imagecatherine lee ( 2020-11-18 04:54:10 +0200 )edit

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answered 2013-04-30 09:40:10 +0200

Gerry gravatar image

Following audio and video formats should work fine:

"Advanced Audio Coding", "aac", "AIF Audio", "aif;aiff", "AU/SND Audio", "au;snd", "AVI", "avi", "CD Audio", "cda", "FLAC Audio", "flac", "Flash Video", "flv", "Matroska Media", "mkv", "MIDI Audio", "mid;midi;rmi", "MPEG Audio", "mp2;mp3;mpa", "MPEG Video", "mpg;mpeg;mpv;mp4", "Ogg bitstream", "ogg;oga;ogv", "Quicktime Video", "mov", "Vivo Video", "viv", "WAVE Audio", "wav", "WebM Video", "webm", "Windows Media Audio", "wma", "Windows Media Video", "wmv"

In case you only get audio and not the video part of the file in your presentation, then try another format. The reason is that most video file formats are containers that can contain different content. Some might not work successfully in LibreOffice.

If you encounter such a problem, please open a bug report on the LibreOffice website (https://bugs.freedesktop.org/enter_bug.cgi?product=LibreOffice&bug_status=UNCONFIRMED) and attach (or create a download link) to the video file)

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Before reporting a bug please also check if you can open successfully media file in some media program, to make sure that it does not work in LibreOffice alone.

froz gravatar imagefroz ( 2013-04-30 12:27:00 +0200 )edit

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