Is there a video format that works across platforms for impress?


I use Libreoffice at the two churches I serve for all documents, presentations and spread sheets. I do so because it is great software and it is available cross platform. On my computer I use Linux Mint 17 on an Acer Aspire 5534. At one church there is an HP notebook computer running on Windows Vista. The other church has a new HP desktop computer running Windows 7. All computers are running Libreoffice and VLC. When I embed a video into a slide on my computer it will usually work on one of the two church computers, but not both. I’ve tried MP4 and once I got an AVI file to work on all three, but not today. All three computers will readily play the file in VLC but not in Impress. So I have to run it from a hyper link. So unprofessional.

Does anyone have suggestions on how to make this work?

MP4 is not a video format it is a container format. Please do not conflate file extensions with file formats. The audio+video streams in an MP4 can be encoded using many diiferent algorithms.

I recommend to have a look at following links:

There is also a bug report you can read:

The second link is the key one. Only audio+video codec combinations supported by all the platform-dependent libraries indicated will allow playback on all platforms.