Grids & Text Boxes Disappearing

asked 2018-05-13 20:16:54 +0200

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updated 2018-05-14 23:52:06 +0200

I'm working on a book project in LO Writer with my girlfriend. It is 32 pages, most with a full bleed 300 PPI JPEG and text within text boxes. She is working on a PC laptop and I'm on a Mac. The .odt file which was created on her PC seems to work better on her machine than on mine. [Edit: 5/14/18, turns out we are both having the same problems.]

These problems seems to occur only in Book Mode [Edit: 5/14/18, previously I thought it was also View Mode.]. Text boxes and their contents on many of the pages do not appear until I click or double click on them--I'm guessing where they are and if I click in the right spot they show up. A single click reveals the boundary of the text box, a double click will also show the text within it and the grid which is otherwise absent on the page. If I then scroll to another page and return they are gone again.

Pages with non-appearing text boxes also have non-appearing grids. When I scroll to a page where the text and text box are not showing the grid does not show either, even when it appears on a facing page in View Mode or Book Mode. Double clicking in a text box will show the text and part of the grid--the grid does not extend beyond the boundaries of the text box.

Are these known issues? Is there anything I can do to correct them?


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