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Add spaces left/right X axis | Line Chart [closed]

asked 2013-04-11 04:44:42 +0200

_edEr gravatar image

updated 2021-06-28 15:32:39 +0200

Alex Kemp gravatar image

Hello, I'm need to create a Line Chat like this: image description

Note that there are space before and after of X Axis' values

But, my chart is like this: image description

I tried to change the scale, it changed the values and it can't happen.

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3 Answers

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answered 2013-04-13 11:10:37 +0200

m.a.riosv gravatar image

I think there is an option to get a very near result.
Create line type chart adding a temporary labels and values prior and post the real labels and values for a temporary use, to force calc set properly the data ranges.

image description

Add titles to axis and format X-axis as indicated by oweng, delete Legend.

After the chart is created delete the temporary labels/values .

image description

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@marosv - your trick with deleting the first and lost data point AFTER creating the chart is a pretty smart way. I tried to ncluder empty cells in the data range and Calc neglected always the empty cells. Congratulations!

ROSt52 gravatar imageROSt52 ( 2013-04-13 12:31:28 +0200 )edit

Thanks for this answer @mariosv. I did not think of manipulating the source data. Very good workaround. You can also edit the Y-axis to reduce the value range to 500-1000 as in the original question (Scale > Minimum / Maximum values).

oweng gravatar imageoweng ( 2013-04-14 02:15:03 +0200 )edit

answered 2013-04-11 11:15:12 +0200

ROSt52 gravatar image

@_edEr and @owen - I made a test and came to the conclusion that in Calc the chart @_edEr wants is not possible because in a line chart the position of the x-axis categories (15anos, 16anos,...) cannot not be placed between the little labels (little vertical strokes indicating the position of the x-axis values).

In the case of a column chart this is possible and Calc does it automatically.

From the mathematical point of view Calc creates the charts correct.

@_edEr - IMHO your first chart (with the spaces at start and end of the curve) is mathematically not correct for a line chart. The location of the data point (15anos/625) on the x-axis is not precise as it should.

I cannot read the name of the y-axis but I am of the impression that a column chart is mathematically the correct format.

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answered 2013-04-13 04:10:08 +0200

_edEr gravatar image

First of all: @ROSt52 and @oweng, thanks for your answer.

This chart is not for me, is for a friend of mine.

About to use columns instead of lines: I tried, but this one still better and clearer. The first chart was made with MS Excel at school. In my home I don't have it and I'm working in another company nowadays (and using just LibreOffice in both);

About "The location of the data point (15anos/625) on the x-axis is not precise as it should" by @ROSt52: I know that it could be more precise, but is not the idea. This one is just a "figure" for and table that describes all point.

This chart is just to compare 2 competitions, I have to do more 2 charts with the same idea. Untill now, I created as you see (2nd chart) and paste on Inkscape to "beautify", and I add the spaces there. (is not what I would like to do, but works for now)

Again, I say thanks for your answer.

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