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How do I imbed a frame or text box in a list *without* breaking the list?

asked 2018-08-05 23:02:51 +0200

HughMungus gravatar image

I'm trying to imbed a text box or a frame with text in it (or maybe even a table with a single row and column) within a list so that I can illustrate some code that a user has to write. Every time I imbed the text box/frame/table within a list, the list "breaks". In other words, when I try to add the next item in the list, the number or bullet fails to appear and I'm clearly out of the list altogether.

I'm fairly imaginative and I've tried every reasonable approach I can think of to get that illustration in the list but it always breaks the list. Is there any way to imbed an illustration in a list without breaking the list or do I have to settle with verbally pointing the user to an illustration elsewhere on the same page or very likely on an adjacent page?

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Your LibO version?
I cannot confirm this. (Neither with V 5.4.4 nor with V
Are you sure your list-style paragrphs contain something else except the inserted object?
Paragraphs without any text in fact break the list-style. That's a feature.
Even paragraphs containing only an object, but achored as character, don't break the list.

Might there be a user profile issue?

Lupp gravatar imageLupp ( 2018-08-05 23:20:26 +0200 )edit

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answered 2018-08-05 23:11:02 +0200

kompilainenn gravatar image

I just inserted image in the list and made wrap off for image (see attach)

C:\fakepath\exmple list with image.odt

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Okay, it's clearly not a problem to insert frames/text boxes/tables within a list. I don't understand why it doesn't work for me then. Does it matter where my cursor is when I press Insert...? Does it matter whether I anchor to paragraph, page or character? What could be a problem in my user profile?

HughMungus gravatar imageHughMungus ( 2018-08-06 23:14:55 +0200 )edit

answered 2018-08-07 01:02:15 +0200

HughMungus gravatar image

Armed with the knowledge that what I wanted to do is possible in Libre Office - I really had grave doubts about that - I tried it again a few times and eventually got a frame in the middle of a two-level ordered list WITHOUT breaking the list. (I imbedded the frame at the end of item 1 c) in the list and item d) was preserved as were items 2, 3 and 4, which comprised the rest of the list.

It was fidgety but it worked, more or less. (The formatting of the numbers in the list did not stay consistent and they ended up in different fonts but I can live with that.)

It shouldn't be this fidgety in my opinion but that's life. Maybe someone on the development team will make it better in due course....

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