508 when using Cell.Formula and r1c1 notation.

asked 2018-08-06 15:06:54 +0100

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I am trying to add the formula for standard deviation to a column via macro. Something like "= STDEV(A1:A2)"

I use R1C1.

If I use something like this: (Inside for loop)

oCell = Sheet.getCellByPosition(i,lastRow+1)

temp =  "=STDEV(INDIRECT(" & Chr(34) & "R7C" & CStr(i)  & Chr(34) &  ",0):INDIRECT(" & Chr(34) & "R" & CStr(lastRow) & "C" & CStr(i) & Chr(34) & ",0)"

oCell.Formula = temp

The resulting formula in the cell is


However the result is 508 (Pair Missing). If I delete a bracket in the cell that's just been modified by the macro and hit enter, well it corrects it and works. the only thing is the formula is the same.


What's going on?

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