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problem extension anaphraseus

asked 2018-10-21 21:15:40 +0200

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Good evening, I needed a translator for libreoffice and I downloaded the extension anaphraseus, since it was not useful I immediately uninstalled it and I deleted the folder from% appdata%. Since I deleted it when I close libreoffice, I see the window with the following message: Script schema error while running the Basic script Standard.Anaphraseus.BeforeClose? Language = Basic & location = application. Message: The following Basic script could not be found: library: 'Standard' module: 'Anaphraseus' method: 'BeforeClose' location: 'application' How can I solve? I tried to reinstall libreoffice but it did not solve. Thank you.

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uninstalled it


By the way, Anaphraseus does work with Apache OpenOffice, try it.

gabix gravatar imagegabix ( 2018-10-22 08:04:35 +0200 )edit

@gabix I uninstalled libreoffice through the classic procedure with control panel and anaphraseus through extensions management.

lorispozzuoli gravatar imagelorispozzuoli ( 2018-10-22 09:18:00 +0200 )edit

Anaphraseus is a special extension: first you must choose Anaphraseus → Remove from the menu, only then, when prompted, remove via the extension manager. Try re-installing Anaphraseus and removing as I advise.

gabix gravatar imagegabix ( 2018-10-22 09:44:18 +0200 )edit

I already did this by uninstalling and I deleted the folder in% appdata% but that window still appears.

lorispozzuoli gravatar imagelorispozzuoli ( 2018-10-22 10:17:09 +0200 )edit

@gabix I try to install and uninstall and update you, thanks

lorispozzuoli gravatar imagelorispozzuoli ( 2018-10-22 10:19:47 +0200 )edit

An update: I have tried to install Anaphraseus under LibreOffice 6.1.2. It works, although it did not work with LO 5.x. Perhaps, you should give it another try.

gabix gravatar imagegabix ( 2018-10-22 14:29:45 +0200 )edit

@gabix ok thanks.

lorispozzuoli gravatar imagelorispozzuoli ( 2018-10-22 15:42:07 +0200 )edit

@gabix I installed and uninstalled as you wrote and for now the problem seems to be solved, thanks.

lorispozzuoli gravatar imagelorispozzuoli ( 2018-10-23 13:54:15 +0200 )edit

OK, then I copy it as an answer.

gabix gravatar imagegabix ( 2018-10-23 16:16:57 +0200 )edit

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answered 2018-10-23 16:17:51 +0200

gabix gravatar image

First choose Anaphraseus → Remove from the menu, only then, when prompted, remove via the extension manager.

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