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Can I use Grammerly with LibreOffice Writer?

asked 2018-11-30 03:01:26 +0200

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How do I link this with LibreOffice Writer:

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Mike Kaganski gravatar imageMike Kaganski ( 2018-11-30 08:05:58 +0200 )edit

Asked again more recently at

Jim K gravatar imageJim K ( 2020-07-20 23:13:09 +0200 )edit

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answered 2019-03-03 18:49:48 +0200

apollothethird gravatar image

This is a great question. It's asked at the right place. It deserves an answer.

I did a lot of research trying to find an answer to this question and eventually found your question here. Unfortunately, the current status at this time is negative, so you can stop looking for now.

If it becomes available someone in this community will know and this is where you will find the answer.

I'm an avid user of Grammarly. I'm sure I'll quickly become aware when it becomes available and I'll revisit this question and provide the resource.

A request to the Grammarly developers to provide it for this community can be a good thing and give them incentive to invest in making it available. Also, asking this community's developers could be a good thing as well. I just checked and don't find a Grammarly API provided by Google as of yet. It appears to be something considered. If it appears, I'll bring that information back to this community also.

I up-voted your question. It spared me of time trying to find the answer.

-- L. James

-- L. D. James

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answered 2018-11-30 08:05:06 +0200

I'd suppose it's the question to ask authors of that "Grammarly" thing. Generally, any developer would consider creating add-ons/extensions to connect their application to a suite when they see enough demand; so asking them is The Right Thing if you need that.

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