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Issue with previewing documents (specifically, diagrams and graphs in files)

asked 2018-12-11 10:30:05 +0200

monica gravatar image


I am using libreoffice for alfresco 5.2. I need help with previewing documents. The quality of the preview is not same as in the document uploaded specially word document. the main issue is its not previewing graphs and diagrams. its working for pdf type documents only. I have attached screenshot for the preview and sharing an example file.

I have tried to search for this issue and I got to know may be its a bug in libreoffice that its not previewing graphs and diagrams. so, I have updated libreoffice version to latest one. Also got suggession somewhere to install imagemagick. so I did. but nothing worked.

If anyone have any idea, please share.

ATTACHMENTS : C:\fakepath\Example1-Word Doc.docx




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Do you mean libreoffice 5.2? ("libreoffice for alfresco 5.2" confuses me).

Do you see the problem when you are opening the file with LibreOffice itself, not with alfresco preview? I don't see the problem locally on Win with LO 5.2 and 6.1; so I suspect some problem at alfresco side.

Mike Kaganski gravatar imageMike Kaganski ( 2018-12-11 13:16:02 +0200 )edit

Yes Mike. I don't know if the issue from alfresco side. Its using libreoffice for previewing documents and libreoffice word itself not showin clearity for the diagrams and graphs. I have created that document in MS word and uploaded in alfresco. I am using linux, alfresco 5.2 and libreoffice 6.1.

monica gravatar imagemonica ( 2018-12-13 07:08:01 +0200 )edit

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answered 2018-12-11 13:03:57 +0200

ajlittoz gravatar image

From close examination, your pictures look like they have been digitized (with a scanner) with insufficient definition. They are probably of a bitmap type. This means you can't scale them easily (at least you must choose an integer factor) unless Moiré patterns or quantization effects appear. Such pictures should always be displayed 100% (or 50%, 200%) but not scaled to fit in a document-predetermined area.

A second quantization hazard also happens if the picture definition (its dpi) is not "commensurable" with screen or printer definition (300/600dpi for common consumer-grade printers).

I don't think it is a bug. Try to improve the quality of your pictures. The best solution may be to draw them yourself (they are very simple, except for the curve, but even that can be mastered) with vector tools, such as the Draw component in LO.

At least the captions should be composed with Writer and not be part of the pictures.

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Thank you for your answer. You are correct, this could have one of the reason but documents are scanned with very good and high quality. Its not of as much of good quality if opened in libreoffice as compared to MS word. About this issue, Its just a word document created in ms word, uploaded in alfresco and previewing. I have lots of files like this and all having the same issue, not previewing diagrams and graphs. I am using linux and libreoffice for alfresco. we are even not able to read anything on the diagrams.

monica gravatar imagemonica ( 2018-12-13 07:03:45 +0200 )edit
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