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Label 'New document' only shows field names (LibreOffice

asked 2018-12-17 01:45:49 +0100

johnwmcc gravatar image

updated 2018-12-17 01:47:10 +0100

I'm going crazy failing to create a half page of labels from a CSV or Database file. I eventually managed to get the CSV data into a Base table, registered it and can see it show up in the list of available data sources in the Labels wizard.

I've followed the Help instructions for creating mailing labels, starting with File/New/Labels.

I can see the database and the table I want to use, and it has data in it, in columns with the field names I set up from the first line of the CSV file.

I've included the data fields in the Label tab, used the Format tab to select Avery 7160 labels, and in the Options tab I've checked Entire Page and Synchronize contents. So far, so straightforward.

But when I click New Document, all I get is short form field names. No data. Like this: (sorry, when I Quote these lines the formatting goes awry) <first><middle name=""><last> <home -="" street=""> <home -="" city=""><home -="" state=""> <home -="" zip=""> When I go to View/Field Names I get 'long form' field names including the database name, table name, and field name.

<xmas north="" america="" 2018.xmas="" north="" america.0.first=""><xmas north="" america="" 2018.xmas="" north="" america.0.middle="" name=""><xmas north="" america="" 2018.xmas="" north="" america.0.last=""> <xmas north="" america="" 2018.xmas="" north="" america.0.home="" -="" street=""> <xmas north="" america="" 2018.xmas="" north="" america.0.home="" -="" city=""><xmas north="" america="" 2018.xmas="" north="" america.0.home="" -="" state=""> <xmas north="" america="" 2018.xmas="" north="" america.0.home="" -="" zip="">

I simply CANNOT see how to get the data into the label document. I've tried multiple times, and am on the point of giving up and using MS Word 2010 to do the merge.

I eventually found the Data to Fields button, but it only appears to offer another dialogue allowing me to redo what I've already done in the Label wizard, to put fields onto the label.

And the Mail Merge button starts up the Letter or Email merge wizard.

I look for and fail to find a button saying 'Do the Merge' or equivalent.

What am I doing wrong?

WHY is it so completely non-intuitive? Why can't LibreOffice just merge directly from a CSV file?

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answered 2018-12-17 01:58:09 +0100

Ratslinger gravatar image


Please see answer in this post & the additional link within -> Labels not printing

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How do you select records from the visible user interface? I couldn't see any way of triggering it.

Your reply in the linked topic worked

A second way is when you get to step #6, select the Print icon or press Ctrl + p which brings up a message: Your document contains address database fields. Do you want to print a form letter?

But how on earth could I have discovered that for myself? And in any case, I do NOT want to print a form letter, but labels. So my answer would have been 'No'.

I'm pretty good at using new programs, but I've blundered about wasting four hours trying to get this to work.

Thank you that I now do have some labels, but I still think the process lacks any clarity.

IS there a way to select records other than this totally obscure way of ...(more)

johnwmcc gravatar imagejohnwmcc ( 2018-12-17 02:14:40 +0100 )edit

There is information in the LO documentation. Links can be found through the main LO download page or even in this forum under Resources (right column - main question page).

Here is the documentation page -> LibreOffice Writer Guide. Take a look at Chapter 14 Mail Merge.

There are many answers already here in the forum including typing in your own labels, formatting, and more. Try typing labels in the search bar & hit enter. To narrow it further apply a tag of Writer (top right).

Ratslinger gravatar imageRatslinger ( 2018-12-17 02:28:07 +0100 )edit

I have read the section in that Mail Merge chapter about Address Labels.

It says "Click New Document. You now have a new, single-page document containing a series of frames, one for each label of the selected type and filled with the data source address fields that you selected. "

What does "filled with the data source address fields that you selected." actually mean? It isn't clear whether i should expect to have data there from my data source, and doesn't explain at all how to get it if there are only field names.

It doesn't answer my question about how to trigger the select records dialogue from the visible user interface - is your method of trying to Print to get the prompt your document contains address database fields. Do you want to print a form letter? the only way to get to it? If so, I find that remarkable.

johnwmcc gravatar imagejohnwmcc ( 2018-12-17 03:09:56 +0100 )edit

The beginning of the text states Labels are commonly used for printing address lists. The 'fields' you have selected are the data source of these address fields.

Under the section Printing it does state about selecting all, a block of or individual records.

There are many ways to produce labels like using a template and the mail merge process selecting records there. Personally I don't have any use in printing labels. Sometimes you need to dig through the documentation on related matters (such as mail merge).

Ratslinger gravatar imageRatslinger ( 2018-12-17 03:36:22 +0100 )edit
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