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I have used LibreOffice Base for a long time for a very simple database. There is a table with a number of fields, and some Boolean fields among them. For entering and presenting the data, I have a form, and this form has checkboxes for the Booleans.

I have now found that for some time the checkboxes have stopped working. What I enter into the checkboxes on the form is not entered into the database record, and when I view a record with a Boolean field that is true, the field is shown by the checkbox as not being checked.

Currently, I am using LibreOffice v. (x64) on Windows 10. I type a new record now and then, and I see that the records that I typed in approximately a year ago have these checkboxes unchecked, even though they should have been checked. I do not know from which version of Base it stopped working, but regularly upgrade, so it might be several releases since my form worked.

Is this problem known? I could not find anything with Google.

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There is this bug report but the key thing for that is using option buttons with boolean fields. But just in case thought I'd share that.

Otherwise - just now I used LO6.0.6 Base (using Ubuntu though instead of Win10) to create a couple of forms against a table with boolean columns and that is working fine. I did a quick search for any open issues, which is how I found the one above. The other difference is you have even later 6.0.7 (perhaps that last fix release did something)

DrewJensen gravatar imageDrewJensen ( 2018-12-23 00:18:15 +0200 )edit

You have solved my problem, thanks!

The bug report you linked to had a similar problem with option boxes that I had with checkboxes. I had specified default values of "Yes" and "No", and this has worked for years, but apparently these are no longer synonyms for "true" and "false". When I changed the fields to have default values of "true" and "false", the problem had gone.

I shall see if I can turn this into a bug report like the one you linked to. If nothing else, it should be documented that this change has happened. Or perhaps I should start finding out if it is already documented.

steenkh gravatar imagesteenkh ( 2018-12-23 15:17:29 +0200 )edit