Base checkbox has stopped working

I have used LibreOffice Base for a long time for a very simple database. There is a table with a number of fields, and some Boolean fields among them. For entering and presenting the data, I have a form, and this form has checkboxes for the Booleans.

I have now found that for some time the checkboxes have stopped working. What I enter into the checkboxes on the form is not entered into the database record, and when I view a record with a Boolean field that is true, the field is shown by the checkbox as not being checked.

Currently, I am using LibreOffice v. (x64) on Windows 10. I type a new record now and then, and I see that the records that I typed in approximately a year ago have these checkboxes unchecked, even though they should have been checked. I do not know from which version of Base it stopped working, but regularly upgrade, so it might be several releases since my form worked.

Is this problem known? I could not find anything with Google.

There is this bug report but the key thing for that is using option buttons with boolean fields. But just in case thought I’d share that.

Otherwise - just now I used LO6.0.6 Base (using Ubuntu though instead of Win10) to create a couple of forms against a table with boolean columns and that is working fine. I did a quick search for any open issues, which is how I found the one above. The other difference is you have even later 6.0.7 (perhaps that last fix release did something)

You have solved my problem, thanks!

The bug report you linked to had a similar problem with option boxes that I had with checkboxes. I had specified default values of “Yes” and “No”, and this has worked for years, but apparently these are no longer synonyms for “true” and “false”. When I changed the fields to have default values of “true” and “false”, the problem had gone.

I shall see if I can turn this into a bug report like the one you linked to. If nothing else, it should be documented that this change has happened. Or perhaps I should start finding out if it is already documented.