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LibreOffice not installing on windows 8.1

asked 2019-01-11 09:47:10 +0100

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Hello , Os Windows 8.1 , 64 bit I removed the old LibreOffice_6.0.6_Win_x64 from windows. The latest version LibreOffice not installing on windows 8.1 I had disabled the Windows Defender app from settings.

Used MalwareBytes to check the Unwanted virus but the screen freezes in installation process for 30 minutes. as shown in the following images. image description In case of older LibreOffice_6.0.6_Win_x64 installs easily. Please suggest some workaround.


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2 Answers

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answered 2019-11-14 14:02:49 +0100

Same problem, I've solve it installing offline!

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How do you install offline?

Download gravatar imageDownload ( 2020-03-19 22:05:59 +0100 )edit

answered 2019-01-11 09:49:58 +0100

@Xitij Thool: please see this FAQ.

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First I disbled the MalwareBytes link text I moved the file to C:\ Then I moved to installation using the command line link text

Then PC freezed, I restart the machine. The log file is huge. link text

Can u tell me how to Submit the Log file ? Thanks.

Xitij Thool gravatar imageXitij Thool ( 2019-01-12 18:46:24 +0100 )edit

The instructions how to submit the log are given in the FAQ:

put the resulting zipped log file to an online share, and ask a question at Ask LibreOffice, mentioning the URL of that log file

Mike Kaganski gravatar imageMike Kaganski ( 2019-01-12 19:42:43 +0100 )edit

Hello Thank you for reply. The reason to make the log file is after windows tool was run there was no trace of LibreOffice in the list, in the registry no entry was made.

Here is the shareable link of log file.


Xitij Thool gravatar imageXitij Thool ( 2019-01-13 05:33:15 +0100 )edit

In your log, the installation of KB2999226 using Windows Installed never ends. The "InstallMSU" action starts, and its last report is that it has successfully started "C:\Windows\system32\wusa.exe" (see ln 66380), which is not followed by any result returned from it.

Please look at your Windows Event log, to see if any Windows Update-related problem reported there.

Mike Kaganski gravatar imageMike Kaganski ( 2019-01-14 08:19:46 +0100 )edit

The Event viewer was not working previously. I will start the services and try again. Thank you for reply.

Xitij Thool gravatar imageXitij Thool ( 2019-01-14 10:27:57 +0100 )edit

I am having this same hang issue with - hoping to find an answer here.

Johnny G gravatar imageJohnny G ( 2019-01-15 03:31:29 +0100 )edit

Hello Everyone , Thank you for viewing this Question. in Windows Event viewer was corrupted and installation was failed. Windows defended was disabled previously.Now, I had downloaded latest version LibreOffice_6.2.0_Win_x64.msi that worked. The Icons are bigger and more attractive than previous versions. Please install the latest version that installed smoothly.

Xitij Thool gravatar imageXitij Thool ( 2019-02-08 08:07:16 +0100 )edit

Just installing it offline work for me!

gasloren gravatar imagegasloren ( 2019-11-14 14:05:19 +0100 )edit
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