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Date format: dd mm yyyy in a document not a table/cell

asked 2019-02-08 05:45:43 +0200

ripriprip gravatar image

I have documents with many dates in them. These are not spreadsheets. The content is now withing a table or cell. I'd like some help to have my date format show as (example: 07 Feb 1=2019) in all the documents like this. I'd also like to know how I'd go about selecting all content on a page and changing all the dates on the page to this format. Sometimes I get them with dates written as: 07-02-19, and it's that which I would like to change.

I saw the instructions regarding how to change the date within a table or cell. This is not the same.

Thank you. Tammy

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answered 2019-02-08 22:15:57 +0200

Lupp gravatar image

I'm afraid you will have to resort to user code ("macros").

First of all: Be very restrictive with date and time formats. Wherever possible use the human readable variants of ISO 8601. It is probably the only way to get reliably interchangeable documents.

If you have DateFields and TimeFields (probably showing DateTime), it is a good idea to harmonise their appearance. If you want to do it actually in the same way for all the doument you can do it using a couple of macros I can provide. That user code is also capable of inserting filed of DateTime types in a predefined format. An additional feature is to remove the TextField objects for DateTime, and to replace them with ordinary strings showing in the same number format they did before.

Not implemented is a routine doing the harmonization or the conversion to ordinary text for a selection of fields only.

This document is containing the code.

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