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How to force a page break in writer

asked 2019-02-18 06:54:09 +0200

MAMASAN826 gravatar image

I need to create a long (many pages) blank document to paste a bunch of pics to print onto (so I can resize before printing) and really don't want to hit enter a thousand times!

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answered 2019-02-18 08:24:03 +0200

ajlittoz gravatar image

It depends on how you insert your pictures in your document.

  • copy/paste

    In the OS, I copy (Ctrl+C) the picture file and in Writer, I paste it (Ctrl+V). The picture is then just another huge character in the paragraph.

    In this case, the solution is to "style" the paragraph with a custom-tuned paragraph style containing a forced page break in the Text Flow tab of the properties dialog. If your picture is always followed by some explanatory text, you can also automate switching to the descriptive paragraph style in the Organize tab, Link with drop down menu (e.g. setting there Text Body).

    Your manual task is only to select the proper paragraph style from the menu before pasting the picture.

  • menu Insert>Image>From File

    This is a little more complex but more versatile because the picture in inserted inside a frame which is itself in another frame with an automatic caption.

    The outer frame is controlled by frame style Images, the inner one by Graphics. You can play with the Position parameter in the Type tab of the frame style, but you need experiment with a sequence of few pictures.

    Once the parameters are satisfactory, you just insert the pics without extra manual step.

My answer assumes familiarity with LO styles. If you aren't, read the documentation. Even the built-in help is not bad.

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