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Can't save form in Base with blank field

asked 2019-02-21 20:39:45 +0200

JUSTROB gravatar image

I'm using LibreOffice version

I created a table in Calc with a dozen fields 2 of which are entry required fields. In Base I created a form to be able to add records more easily. When I use the form and try to add a new record each field has to have something in it to be able to save the record/form.

I don't understand with 2 entry required fields of 12 fields why I can't save the form with data in only the 2 entry required fields.

Sorry if this question isn't clear.


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answered 2019-02-21 20:51:21 +0200

Ratslinger gravatar image


You may have set the table properties to not be required but did you insure the form fields were also set properly?

Check each of the controls' property on the Data tab -> Input required.

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That worked! I had to go into each control's property and change the data required to "No"

Thank you!

JUSTROB gravatar imageJUSTROB ( 2019-02-21 21:20:46 +0200 )edit
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