Does libreoffice base work with mac mohave

I just upgraded to LibreOffice 6.1.5 on my mac with Mohave and i can open base and create a table and form but once i go to use the form and save the record it faults out with
“Attempt to insert null into a non-nullable column: column: ID table: Reel To Reel Projects in statement [INSERT INTO “Reel To Reel Projects” ( “Date”) VALUES ( ?)]”
I’ve tried doing a form with just a date box and it still faults out with the same error message.New Database.odb


It appears you are attempting to add a new record but there is no value in the key field of the record - ‘ID’.

Please see this post → Solved - I Cannot add records in a form.

Another potential is → Can’t save form in Base with blank field.

Edit 2019-02-27:

Have tested your sample Base file and do not find any problem with entering records based upon the criteria you have set this up with:

Table Definition                        Form Definition

ID              Int         Key         Not Present
Date            Date        Req         Required
Amount          Decimal     No          Not Req.
Mileage         Number      No          Not Req.
Division        Text        Yes         Required
Transaction     Text        Yes         Required
Shipping Cost   Decimal     No          No
Phone Number    Text        No          No      
Fee Div         Text        Yes         Required
Fees            Decimal     No          No
Comments        Memo        No          No

Both the table and form have the same required fields. Since the ‘ID’ field is an auto increment key, it is not needed on the form. Required entry is ‘Date’, ‘Division’, ‘Transaction’ and ‘Fee Div’. Withe all these fields entered the record is added to the table. If any are missing an error results based upon how the table & form are set.

@weaverman55 Saw your comment. Tested on Mint 183 with LO v (have done this in past with many versions) and have no problems. Please edit your original question & attach a copy (use paperclip icon on toolbar) of your Base file without any personal or confidential information.

I have attached my odb to original post

Thanks for your help. I don’t know why it didn’t work for me. But i went and tried it again 2 different ways and it worked. May i ask for your guidance to get the check boxes and button to work properly? I have no computer programing experience so i am winging this form. What i want is to have monetary values assigned for each of the check boxes so when i check the required boxes and then press the shipping cost button a dollar amount will appear in the shipping cost text box tallying the total of the checked boxes. I believe i need a macro and events but have no idea. Plus i could not find any user manuals that discussed any of this. Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated.

@weaverman55 This forum is set to ask a question and to hopefully obtain a response to that question. This helps others looking for a similar answer to search & find without asking again. Your further question is of a topic other than what was originally asked. This should be asked in a new question (with a great amount of details) and hopefully, as it appears your comment states, this question can be marked as answered by you.

In a quick statement about this comment, if you do present as a new question, know macros are not easy to deal with especially for someone without experience. Even with a provided answer, future needs would require changes to the code. How is that to be done? Have a look at the docs in this answer → To learn LibreOffice Base are there introductions or tutorials?. Some of these relating to macros are many hundreds of pages long.