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Cannot Dock Navigator

asked 2019-03-06 04:45:12 +0200

mark gravatar image

I managed to undock the Navigator and Styles panels, but I cannot dock them again.

I am running LO6 (tried 6.1 & 6.2) on a Macintosh, and I think some of the keyboard controls don’t work the same way.

I have tried Ctrl Double Click as well as Cmd Double Click as well as just about every other keyboard combination. The alternative of dragging the pane to the edge doesn’t work either.

Is there a trick I am missing?

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1 Answer

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answered 2019-04-05 07:57:55 +0200

mark gravatar image

This is not, I believe a real solution, but I did manage to get something working:

  • Try everything, including Try Cmd-Shift-F10, fail, keep trying and get desperate
  • Quit
  • Try Cmd-Shift-F10 just in case
  • It works …

Is this the standard procedure?

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