Printing gives me multiple dialogs

asked 2019-03-11 22:18:53 +0200

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I have a document of about 250 pages. When I try to print the document, I get multiple print dialogs for the one document (more than 20).

Most of the print dialogs start at page 1, but the number of pages varies from a few to many.

I cancel each print dialog, but, before I do, I can see the mini preview and the apparent number of pages.

For example

  • the first print dialog shows 12 pages, from 1-12
  • the second dialog shows 6 pages, from 1-6

… and so on

When I try Print Preview, it looks intact.

I am running 6.2 on MacOS 10.14.3. I have tried:

  • Running the previous version
  • Save As… the document
  • Completely uninstalling and reinstalling LibreOffice
  • Using an older version of LibreOffice on a different computer.

Clearly, there’s something wrong with the document.

How can I recover from this problem?

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This is something quite unusual. So possibly the best you can do is to file a bug report, attaching a sample problematic document. If needed, please anonimize it.

Mike Kaganski gravatar imageMike Kaganski ( 2019-03-11 22:37:00 +0200 )edit