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install process for 6.1.5 asking for install file of 6.1.3?

asked 2019-03-12 14:02:25 +0200

ceyy gravatar image

I am attemplting to install 6.1.5 but it is asking for install file of 6.1.3? I can't find this old file on the website please advise

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Please see this FAQ.

Mike Kaganski gravatar imageMike Kaganski ( 2019-03-12 14:05:23 +0200 )edit

Which OS?, which resources?, where did you get your installation files from? Screenshot from error messages. Older versions can be found at https://downloadarchive.documentfound... but it is quite unusual that installing x.y.z requires software x.y.w so I assume another problem.

Opaque gravatar imageOpaque ( 2019-03-12 14:12:06 +0200 )edit

@Opaque: this is quite usual problem with Windows - so have you taken a look at the FAQ I mentioned? The said problem has its section (5) there.

Mike Kaganski gravatar imageMike Kaganski ( 2019-03-12 14:18:23 +0200 )edit

I have installed for years on Windows but never faced this problem - so take my comment as my personal experience.

Opaque gravatar imageOpaque ( 2019-03-12 17:10:38 +0200 )edit

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answered 2019-03-12 15:11:03 +0200

ceyy gravatar image

image description I have now downlaoded the old file but it is still not working when I point the file source to it

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Have you looked through other options in the FAQ? E.g., there's a tool by MS to fix installer errors.

By the way: please delete this answer, and move its content into the question itself: answers should answer the question, not provide missing details. Thanks!

Mike Kaganski gravatar imageMike Kaganski ( 2019-03-13 09:20:01 +0200 )edit
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