install process for 6.1.5 asking for install file of 6.1.3?

I am attemplting to install 6.1.5 but it is asking for install file of 6.1.3? I can’t find this old file on the website please advise

Please see this FAQ.

Which OS?, which resources?, where did you get your installation files from? Screenshot from error messages. Older versions can be found at Index of /libreoffice/old but it is quite unusual that installing x.y.z requires software x.y.w so I assume another problem.

@anon73440385: this is quite usual problem with Windows - so have you taken a look at the FAQ I mentioned? The said problem has its section (5) there.

I have installed for years on Windows but never faced this problem - so take my comment as my personal experience.

I have now downlaoded the old file but it is still not working when I point the file source to it

Have you looked through other options in the FAQ? E.g., there’s a tool by MS to fix installer errors.

By the way: please delete this answer, and move its content into the question itself: answers should answer the question, not provide missing details. Thanks!