Google Sheets (Excel) Timer

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Alright, so in cell A2-100 is the time stamp, Cell H2-100 could either have a value or blank. Cell i2-100 is a cool down timer (WHICH IM MAKING THIS POST ABOUT). I have no clue how to write the formula so I'm asking you guys.

So if Cells in the "H" column are blank, I want the cells in the "i" column in the same row to be red.

If theres a value in the H column, I want it to be green in the "i" column.

This is where the time stamp comes into play. I want the cells that are red in the "i" column as a result of there being a blank in the corresponding H column to turn green 3 days after the time stamp recorded the submission.

Anybody know the formula?

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If you want to perform Excel calculations, you should go to an appropriate forum.

ebot gravatar imageebot ( 2019-04-22 08:20:24 +0100 )edit