Google Sheets (Excel) Timer

Alright, so in cell A2-100 is the time stamp, Cell H2-100 could either have a value or blank. Cell i2-100 is a cool down timer (WHICH IM MAKING THIS POST ABOUT). I have no clue how to write the formula so I’m asking you guys.

So if Cells in the “H” column are blank, I want the cells in the “i” column in the same row to be red.

If theres a value in the H column, I want it to be green in the “i” column.

This is where the time stamp comes into play. I want the cells that are red in the “i” column as a result of there being a blank in the corresponding H column to turn green 3 days after the time stamp recorded the submission.

Anybody know the formula?

If you want to perform Excel calculations, you should go to an appropriate forum.

think that guy wanted to ask if LO calc can provide such functionality …

@newbie-02 it is always difficult when other programs are mentioned by the OP as a comparison or example.

Many of the users trying to find an answer here may have been working only with LibreOffice for many years and thus have no idea what works in other programs and how.

It is very useful when OP describes what exactly he wants to achieve with LibreOffice.

Moreover, this question is almost exactly two years old, so it is questionable whether OP is even participating here anymore.

A possible solution could be the “Conditional Formatting”:

@Hrbrgr: and that might help this guy or others … :slight_smile: