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Link dynamic data from website to Calc

asked 2019-05-25 00:12:27 +0200

Rainmanne gravatar image

updated 2019-05-25 00:13:20 +0200

I'm trying to link exchange rates from this page to a spreadsheet. I use it at work in Excel and it works fine. But it does not work in Libreoffice Calc for some reason. I tried to Sheet/Link to External Data but it does not insert a table. I also noticed Data/XMLSource but it's greyed out. I woonder if it's possible to do in Libreoffice at all.

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answered 2019-05-25 03:35:10 +0200

m.a.riosv gravatar image

I think it's possible with WEBSERVICE() and FILTERXML() functions working together.


Help about XPath expressions

Sample file to recover the data from mentioned web.


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