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Will there be "Tabbing" navigation support in a future version? [closed]

asked 2012-02-18 13:55:27 +0200

anonymous user


updated 2012-03-07 15:36:43 +0200

cloph gravatar image

I know this was discussed in the mailing list a couple of weeks ago. But - are there any plans to introduce "tabbing" to LO? I tend to have quite a number of different windows opne usually and find navigation between these, using the task bar somewhat awkward.

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I doubt you will get further answers here if this was already discussed on a mailing list. I'd ask on the UX designers list[1] if that's not the one you are referring to.


MagicFab gravatar imageMagicFab ( 2012-03-04 16:15:47 +0200 )edit

One slightly better alternative than the task bar for this problem that I've found is use of Alt+` (backtick, often on the same key as the tilde [~] character, and often above the tab key). I'm not aware how to do this on Windows, but on both Mac and Ubuntu, this feature is very useful.

hunteke gravatar imagehunteke ( 2012-10-03 19:02:34 +0200 )edit

"Alt+` " Well, I never knew that, thanks.

Oldbwl gravatar imageOldbwl ( 2014-01-29 15:33:38 +0200 )edit

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answered 2012-02-29 20:08:53 +0200

MSJ gravatar image

updated 2013-03-25 14:23:49 +0200

manj_k gravatar image

I mentioned this request on this page

Vote for Enhancement · Bug 37134 - Tabs (tabbed document interface)

as well as in bugzilla (way beforehand, but so far to no avail...)

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Thanks for pointing to that resource. If it's there it's not being ignored, other features or bug reports have higher priority.

MagicFab gravatar imageMagicFab ( 2012-03-04 16:18:54 +0200 )edit

answered 2012-05-04 17:48:44 +0200

Ade Malsasa Akbar gravatar image

I think this idea is good for LibreOffice so it can works efficiently like Firefox or Chromium. I see this feature in IBM Lotus Symphony.

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