Will there be "Tabbing" navigation support in a future version?

I know this was discussed in the mailing list a couple of weeks ago. But - are there any plans to introduce “tabbing” to LO? I tend to have quite a number of different windows opne usually and find navigation between these, using the task bar somewhat awkward.

I doubt you will get further answers here if this was already discussed on a mailing list. I’d ask on the UX designers list[1] if that’s not the one you are referring to.

[1] http://www.libreoffice.org/get-involved/ux-visual-designers/

One slightly better alternative than the task bar for this problem that I’ve found is use of Alt+` (backtick, often on the same key as the tilde [~] character, and often above the tab key). I’m not aware how to do this on Windows, but on both Mac and Ubuntu, this feature is very useful.

"Alt+` "
Well, I never knew that, thanks.

I mentioned this request on this page

Vote for Enhancement · Bug 37134 - Tabs (tabbed document interface)

as well as in bugzilla (way beforehand, but so far to no avail…)

Thanks for pointing to that resource. If it’s there it’s not being ignored, other features or bug reports have higher priority.

I think this idea is good for LibreOffice so it can works efficiently like Firefox or Chromium. I see this feature in IBM Lotus Symphony.