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border not seen well [closed]

asked 2013-08-20 08:19:45 +0100

frendli gravatar image

updated 2015-11-07 03:56:52 +0100

Alex Kemp gravatar image

i need to make a page border, but seem the border not print or look like i want it... can anyone help me solve this....

this is the line i want

image description

and the result... not image description

i was use win xp... and LO 4.1

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sorry my bad english

frendli gravatar imagefrendli ( 2013-08-20 08:21:13 +0100 )edit

2 Answers

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answered 2013-08-20 10:27:16 +0100

oweng gravatar image

I think you are probably getting the border you want, but it is very narrow. See how your Width is set to "0.80pt"? You will need to zoom in to see a multi-line border this narrow. If you need it to display on-screen as two separate lines try setting the border Width to "3.0pt" or larger.

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thanks for ur answer... it work...

frendli gravatar imagefrendli ( 2013-08-21 02:12:24 +0100 )edit

answered 2013-08-21 14:50:14 +0100

ROSt52 gravatar image

It could be that you face the problem that a thin line is not visible around an object on all sides. I made a test with a single thin line around a page. When the line width is 0.05cm it is not to be seen on top and bottom, only left and right. When the width is increased to 0.1cm it is also to be seen on top and bottom.

Please have also a look at

I used LibO4.0.4.2 on XP

image description

image description

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