HELP - Can not sign PDF Document ?

asked 2019-11-10 12:20:26 +0100

bilabonic gravatar image


I have an a PDF document that i need to sign, i have always done this on my older PC with libre Office by creating a 'box', writing my signature in a 'box' with mouse pointer and then simply adding/dragging it to the below line. I can not find thid option anymore on my new PC, latest LibreOffice??

  • ' Signature - ___________________ '

I have also tried File>Digital Signatures which displays a blank box with nothing to select as below -

If i then select -Sign Document, i get this box that allows me to not select or do anything?

If i select 'Start Certificate Manager' i get as below -

Anyone please help, it was VERY simple on my old laptop as i simply used the first option and dragged my signiture that it allowed to to draw into a box (i had several to select from, not digital type, but as if you wrote it with a pointer in paint etc)

Here is the doc with details blanked out.


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