HELP - Can not sign PDF Document ?


I have an a PDF document that i need to sign, i have always done this on my older PC with libre Office by creating a ‘box’, writing my signature in a ‘box’ with mouse pointer and then simply adding/dragging it to the below line. I can not find thid option anymore on my new PC, latest LibreOffice??

  • ’ Signature - ___________________ ’

I have also tried File>Digital Signatures which displays a blank box with nothing to select as below -

If i then select -Sign Document, i get this box that allows me to not select or do anything?

If i select ‘Start Certificate Manager’ i get as below -

Anyone please help, it was VERY simple on my old laptop as i simply used the first option and dragged my signiture that it allowed to to draw into a box (i had several to select from, not digital type, but as if you wrote it with a pointer in paint etc)

Here is the doc with details blanked out.


HI, If you are trying to use GPG credentials for signing I have the same problem - for PDF it is only possible with X509 credentials. It does not really make sense since as normal user you need GPG for encryption and signing but not X509 unless you run your own web server. I hope this will be fixed soon - you can help by repeatedly asking for it :-).