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Why can I no longer see any tool bar menu list (file, edit, view, ect)?

asked 2020-01-16 16:16:06 +0100

jholt1001 gravatar image

When I am trying to click on any of the tool bar options (file, edit, view, insert, ect) is not longer is showing me the drop down list of what I have selected. It only shows me a small box with up/down arrows. How to I get it back to seeing the actual drop downs instead of these arrows?

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answered 2020-01-16 16:34:12 +0100

ebot gravatar image

I guess you are "grouped compact" in the surface.

Select the down arrow on the far right of the menu. And choose User Interface>Toolbars.

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I apologize as Im not seeing any down arrows on the far right of the menu. This is a libreoffice calc document if that helps. Even when I am trying to right click in a cell it does not show me the normal right click options to select from only the up/down arrows.

jholt1001 gravatar imagejholt1001 ( 2020-01-16 16:49:00 +0100 )edit

@jholt1001 - Why not uploading a screenshot of what you see; would stop any guessing. Please edit your original question, if you consider the upload.

Opaque gravatar imageOpaque ( 2020-01-16 17:34:42 +0100 )edit
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