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I have a Writer document with embedded (OLE) Calc document in it. Is it possible to have a portion of that Calc document pasted as link (DDE link) in other part of the Writer document?

What I did is selected that portion of that calc document, moved the cursor to the other part of the Writer document, did paste special, then chose "DDE link". What I found is if the embedded Calc document just recently made or copied, then this will works fine and the link works (the table content changes when I change it in the Calc embedded document). However, once I close the document and reopen, the link break and I when I tried to do another "DDE link" paste, nothing actually pasted.

When I checked Edit -> Links..., it shows Source file as "Untitled1", Type "soffice", and Status usually "Not available", although I saw them become "Automatic" sometime; doesn't change the fact that the link break, though.

Is this a bug?

Thank you.

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