Text frames from subdocument doesn't appear in master document

asked 2020-07-29 19:54:11 +0200

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I am formatting a master document that has several pages that need to have a single word of text vertically and horizontally on the page. I have created frames in the subdocuments for these pages to center the text exactly this way. However, when I view the master document as a whole or export as a PDF, the frames (and the text) do not appear.

How do I fix this? In the meantime, I am eyeballing and centering text on the page with direct formatting and entering spaces to center text in the way I want.

Thanks much. Lisa

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Not enough information to tell. At least, LO version and OS name.

Edit your question to attach master and one subdoc. Use the paperclip tool once you started editing your question.

ajlittoz gravatar imageajlittoz ( 2020-07-29 20:11:49 +0200 )edit

So strange--I just tried to insert text frames in a master document template I was using and it seemed to work okay (exported as PDF and the text frame was still intact). I'm using LO and on Windows 10. I am going to try to make another test master document and see if I can reproduce the problem. Thanks.

llmunro gravatar imagellmunro ( 2020-07-29 22:31:02 +0200 )edit