Is there a way to navigate the muffin/ribbon with keyboard

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I can see that pressing the Alt key will allow selecting the top menu items like file, edit, view, insert etc while pressing the appropriate key after the alt key. ( for example alt + I will go to insert). But I cannot seem to navigate with keyboard to the muffin menu ( file, Home, Insert, Layout, Data, review etc as shown in the attached screenshot).

I am trying to switch from excel to libre calc for all my work. In MS I am able to work much faster because of keyboard sequential key selections. For eg., if I want to add borders to selected cells in excel, I can quickly press alt>h>b>a to apply borders to all the selected cells in less then 1 second. And there are many useful combinations like this. I rarely use mouse while working with excel. I really want to switch to calc but I am not able to work with the same speed. I tried to ask this before but all I get as an answer is how calc is better and with lots of options etc. but the reality is that these answers aren't helping.

Inability work without mouse is a big hindrance to work speed.

I really want to love libre as I am a huge fan/supporter of open source communities.

I hope someone from the team understands this issue. And even if it takes time introduces the feature. ( sometimes being able to navigate with keyboard the entire UI menu is much faster than remembering custom shortcuts)

The muffin seems to have underlined letters in the menu though.

I am also sharing excel screen shots so that you get the comparison.!

image description image description image description

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Eagerly waiting for an response

dibakash gravatar imagedibakash ( 2020-08-07 13:21:47 +0200 )edit