Flatpak install of LO cannot connect to SQLite database

asked 2020-08-21 17:26:13 +0200

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updated 2020-08-25 16:14:54 +0200

Moving from the default LO version in Ubuntu 20.04 to the flatpak version (currently I cannot connect to an sqlite3 database. Double-clicking the .odb database file in the file manager opens Base on the "Forms" button, then clicking on "Tables", an error dialog appears:

Libreoffice Base

The connection to the data source "Adresses" could not be established.

libodbc.so /run/build/libreoffice/connectivity/source/drivers/odbc/- ODriver.cxx:100

The "More" button does not reveal much more information. It lists two errors:

The connection to the data source "Adresses" could not be established.


Error code: 1000

libodbc.so /run/build/libreoffice/connectivity/source/drivers/odbc/ODriver.cxx:100

No need to say that the database was correctly configured for access under the regular *.deb version (6.4.5).

Anyone knows if and how the flatpak version can be set to connect to an sqlite database through odbc?

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I'm new to LO Flatpak myself. Advice received elsewhere warned me about possible problems with file access for containerised Flatpak software. Flatseal can be used to tweak file access permissions of Flatpak apps. It might be worth a try. https://flathub.org/apps/details/com....

xiphoid gravatar imagexiphoid ( 2020-08-22 15:44:53 +0200 )edit