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Stop auto date?

asked 2021-05-02 06:36:27 +0200

takasago187 gravatar image

Trying to type 8/16 in Calc but it auto-corrects to 8/16/21. I don't want to reformat individual cells but I wanna disable auto-correct completely. Can't find this so called Libre Writer to disable in on win10 64. Any hint?

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PKG gravatar imagePKG ( 2021-05-02 12:31:28 +0200 )edit

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answered 2021-05-02 07:30:45 +0200

Earnest Al gravatar image

updated 2021-05-05 01:24:03 +0200

If you have formatted the cell to fraction then just typing =8/16 0 8/16 (acknowledgement to erAck) will enter the figure. Note that LO will convert it to its simplest form, that is 1/2.

2021-05-03 As suggested by @Vanadium and reinforced by @erAck , choose a denominator of 16. Format Cell as Fraction # ??/16 to get compound fraction with 16ths.

If you want 8/16 to show then you will have to format the cell to Text and then just type 8/16. You will not be able to use this in calculations.

Date recognition is wanted by most people and is strongly integrated into Calc. There may be other workarounds but before spending too much time on looking at ways to get around it I would read How do you disable date formatting in LibreOffice Calc?

I would consider carefully before using fractions, except where you are teaching them specifically, as they are not used by many people and unfamiliarity might have unintended consequences for the reader. Cheers, Al

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It would be good to add that one can have 8/16 displayed as such with the format "?/16" instead of the general fraction format "?/?". This, of course, is much better practice than forcing the input to be text.

Vanadium gravatar imageVanadium ( 2021-05-02 14:52:36 +0200 )edit

Using formula expressions to input simple fractions is overkill, instead enter 0 8/16 as lined out in the help article pointed to by PKG in the question's comment.

erAck gravatar imageerAck ( 2021-05-02 17:25:54 +0200 )edit

I stand corrected, 0 8/16 is much better.

Earnest Al gravatar imageEarnest Al ( 2021-05-02 22:06:25 +0200 )edit

It sort of worked, 0 8/16 was reduced to 1/2. lol I guess this is when I need to use 2 cells. Thanks, guys.

takasago187 gravatar imagetakasago187 ( 2021-05-03 15:22:00 +0200 )edit

Format as ?/16 fraction, as was mentioned above.

erAck gravatar imageerAck ( 2021-05-03 20:26:38 +0200 )edit
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