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sqlite with Base ? [closed]

asked 2014-03-07 09:23:19 +0100

Jan. gravatar image

How do I open an sqlite database with libreoffice base ?

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answered 2014-10-26 09:45:19 +0100

Alex Thurgood gravatar image

With an appropriate driver, e.g. here or here

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An Updated method is with a Connector Program, that translates the SQLite commends to<>From LibreOffice Base. See this Extension for LibreOffice

Richard416282 gravatar imageRichard416282 ( 2016-05-18 16:11:31 +0100 )edit

The Devart ODBC connector extension is neither free, nor available under a free licence.

Alex Thurgood gravatar imageAlex Thurgood ( 2016-06-01 14:58:20 +0100 )edit

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