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Create Hyperlinks in Calc from Right-Click Popup [closed]

asked 2014-03-21 17:01:37 +0200

BuffaloChuck gravatar image

(I see this point was raised in a "How to make Calc like Excel" comment earlier. I wanted to re-state it.)

In the conversion to Calc, our Data-Entry folks complain about the slowness of creating Hyperlinks in Calc rows, Their data entry routine has been to

  1. Right-click on cell...
  2. "H" for Hyperlink...
  3. Tab once...
  4. CTRL V to paste the URL
  5. Back-tab twice for a Name-To-Appear field and type it.

They can do this in 2 seconds - the joys of fast-flying fingers! BUT to now stop that speed and make them consume 10 times as long (or more) PER cell PER spreadsheet, with no hopes of future relief - ! Argh - frustrating to the point of "going back".


We love LibreOffice's advanced Toolbar and Menu Customization options.

Could there be a chance to customize a Pop-Up Menu, therefore, to include a HYPERLINK function? That's because the Mouse Motions are the most time-consuming, each cell, each spreadsheet. Keeping data-entry operators' hands on the keys is the easy part - their fingers can memorize just about ANY set of keystrokes. But moving the mouse around constantly is quite a slow-down.

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answered 2014-03-21 18:57:14 +0200

mahfiaz gravatar image

I tried it in and 4.1.1 and neither had hyperlink in the right-click menu. But it is in Insert menu and also has Ctrl+K shortcut. So now it would be: 1. Ctrl+K, 2. Ctrl+V, 3. 4x Tab, 4. type text, Enter. And I agree that four Tab presses is three too many.

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