Libreoffice always starts with document recovery [closed]

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I'm running Libreoffice in English on Ubuntu 14.04. Whenever I turn on my computer and start Libreoffice (Writer or Calc), it always runs document recovery to recover the last one or two documents I was working on. If I hit "cancel," the screen will go away and Libreoffice will start up as normal, but this is extremely annoying and unnecessary. I have no need to recover any of these documents because I always save them and exit from Libreoffice before turning off my computer. There is absolutely no reason that Libreoffice should start in document recovery mode.

Is there any way to solve this short of uninstalling and reinstalling Libreoffice? And if that is the only way to permanently solve this, what is the best way to do that with the linux distro I'm using?

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