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How to escape keyword in the formula editor [closed]

asked 2014-09-12 18:18:40 +0100

cjm51213 gravatar image

Hi Folks,

I periodically need to use a keyword, like "in", as a variable. How do I escape it? Putting it in quotes is not acceptable because it is no longer a variable, but is now text, which is formatted differently. So, is there a non-format bearing escape mechanism for keywords?

Thanks for the help,


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answered 2014-09-12 20:04:38 +0100

Regina gravatar image

I do not know a way to escape a keyword. But you might use a workaround for the problematic in: Take the i or the n from another code range. The Cyrillic і for example, looks not very different from the normal i, but with it, the parser does longer detect a keyword. You need to write the character in Writer and copy and paste it to the Math command window.

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answered 2014-09-13 10:35:25 +0100

oweng gravatar image

updated 2014-09-13 10:39:04 +0100

For a variable requiring italics, use the ital command e.g.,

a in b newline
a "in" b newline
a ital "in" b

... results in:

ital command for variable rendering

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