why does my footer font keeps changing back [closed]

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why does the font on my footer change back to Times New roman after I save it as another font? My document is in Calibri font 14 pt. I created a header and a footer with page numbers. The header is OK, it stays at 14 pt Calibri, but when I change the footer and SAVE, then close and reopen the document it's back to Times New Roman. Why does this happen and how do I fix it...

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To enable an answer, could you please provide some more information. Please see: http://ask.libreoffice.org/en/questio... --- and provide steps you took to change the font, information what is in your Style setting (F11).

ROSt52 gravatar imageROSt52 ( 2014-11-23 05:24:23 +0100 )edit

Hi, the style setting is "default style". to change the font in the footer I select it by clicking on it, then highlight the page number. I then go the the Footer dropdown box and change it to "Calibri". the size is ok, i previously selected "14pt" which is what I want. Then I SAVE the document. As long as I'm in the document the footer stays on the correct font. When I close the document after SAVING and re open the footer is back to "Times New ROman" font. I have done this about 10 times.

jtbrock gravatar imagejtbrock ( 2014-11-23 14:03:36 +0100 )edit