What information should I include in a question in addition to OS and LibreOffice version?

Is there any additional information I should include when asking a question?

Should I use the OS tags as well? (e.g. Windows, Linux, Mac)

The OS is very important and will be better if this information is in the text also. The same about the version of LO. But, I think, the most important is write clearly the question, describing the problem objectively and with no laziness. Especially when the doubt envolves the operation of the software. However, this is only a personal vision, based on my experience in other “forums”.

The language of the installation could be useful I think.

An attached file with a minimum example of the issue can be helpful. If you do not have enough Karma points to attach a file, you may use other one-click filehosters.

“use other one-click filehosters” sorry…what does that mean?

I would like to add that information on which steps where made until a problem occurs can help to find the route cause and as such give a chance to find the solution.

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