Large font text appears blank in Impress

asked 2015-03-11 14:34:13 +0200

FranzB gravatar image

I started to work on an Impress presentation a few days ago. Today, when I opened the .odp file, this is what I got:

(Why are 3 points needed to post a screenshot, seriously?)

As you can see, text using large fonts appears white on white. When I edit the text, it appears correctly. When I export the presentation to PDF, all is fine as well. I suspected this had to do with high quality (antialiased) text rendering, so I tried disabling hardware rendering and antialiasing, but to no avail. Enabling OpenGL rendering makes the whole of LibreOffice windows appear completely blank, a known bug on Windows 8.1 apparently...

Here's the LibreOffice Impress version I'm using:

Build ID: de093506bcdc5fafd9023ee680b8c60e3e0645d7
Locale: en_US

Running under Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit. NVIDIA drivers 347.52.

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