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Printing a Landscape Portrait writer document that doesn't switch back to portrait [closed]

asked 2015-04-18 23:51:07 +0200

Rugslug gravatar image

updated 2021-05-06 21:35:17 +0200

Alex Kemp gravatar image
Windows 7 LO
Windows 8.1 LO both are English Locale EN_CA

My 26 page document is set to have the page orientation as follows:

Page 1 to 4 are Portrait: Default Page Style
Inserted Landscape Page Style: Page 5 is Landscape
Recalled Default Page Style: Page 6 to 26 are Portrait

When Exported To PDF the document appears as formatted as per the above. And as shown in image 1.

Exported to PDF

When it is printed to a printer or printed to PDF Creator, Pages 1 to 4 are Portrait, Page 5 to 26 are Landscape, but only half the page is shown as if it is a portrait page printed on landscaped paper.

Printed to PDF

It one case when printed to PDF Creator, all pages are landscape.

When I am in the print dialog, the preview shows Pages 1 to 4 portrait, Page 5-26 in landscape.

Has anyone had a similar situation occur? Can this be repeated? Have I set up the file correctly?

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Closed for the following reason the question is answered, right answer was accepted by Alex Kemp
close date 2021-05-06 21:36:02.079609


Update: I was able to duplicate the error on my Win7 machine. I then opened the file with OO411 Portable and it performed correctly. I then used LO436 Portable with the error. Then used LO428 Portable and it performed correctly. Something changed along the way, but would still like to know if my setup is an anomaly. I renamed my "user" folder, but the issue persisted.

Rugslug gravatar imageRugslug ( 2015-04-19 15:06:07 +0200 )edit

Perhaps I am not crazy. This bug sounds like it fits this situation: https://bugs.documentfoundation.org/s... Thanks to @oweng at the libreoffice forum. http://en.libreofficeforum.org/node/1...

Rugslug gravatar imageRugslug ( 2015-04-19 15:37:51 +0200 )edit

Would users considering to add to this thread please note that it is more than three years old now and that there were many threads about related topics opened and answered since.

Lupp gravatar imageLupp ( 2018-04-29 11:38:32 +0200 )edit

4 Answers

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answered 2017-05-14 12:00:58 +0200

Rugslug gravatar image

A solution was discovered in another thread. Either @floris-v or @owenp or someone else? figured out that if the sheet width is set to a size other than 8.50 (Letter Size), the printing works properly. This bug still exists in alpha1

I did some testing with the following results:

Changing the Portrait Page size to 8.48 or 11.48 or anything not 8.50 x 11.50 seems to fix the problem.

Adjusting only the Landscape Page size to anything other than 8.50 x 11.50 did not fix the problem.

This seems to be a Letter size in portrait orientation issue.

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answered 2015-04-19 06:22:47 +0200

ROSt52 gravatar image

I made a test in LibO using and XP machine.

Created text document (Lorem Ipsum) of 12 pages. Pages 9 and 12 are landscape. No graphics.

Export to pdf is correct, print to pdf995 is correct. Preview is correct.

I hope this information helps. May I propose to file a bug report here: https://bugs.documentfoundation.org/
Please note that for selecting the LibO version you need to scroll the Version list up

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Thanks @ROSt52. Would be curious to know if XP vs Win7 vs Win81 is what changed. I added a comment to the question above.

Rugslug gravatar imageRugslug ( 2015-04-19 15:08:06 +0200 )edit

@Rugslug - Great you could identify the problem.

Unfortunately I have only an XP machine and I am on my way to move far away from Windows to Linux.... Maybe someone else can make the tests for which you are curious about.

ROSt52 gravatar imageROSt52 ( 2015-04-20 11:51:29 +0200 )edit

answered 2018-04-29 09:53:47 +0200

ghotie gravatar image

I got the latest version and I am getting the same bug. I tried other programs like Google doc and word and they print both the landscape and portrait orientation on a big document without any issue.

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Would you mind to mention:
your Operating System
your "latest version" by its exact number ( or different)
your "same bug" (also about documents with mixed page orientation or different)
for what reason you posted this as an answer instead of adding it as a comment to the question or to an answer by someone else?

Lupp gravatar imageLupp ( 2018-04-29 11:33:31 +0200 )edit

That's not an answer. Please read the answer thats marked as correct and see if that helps you, if not, start a new topic.

floris v gravatar imagefloris v ( 2018-04-29 11:33:33 +0200 )edit

answered 2016-11-29 14:01:18 +0200

floris v gravatar image

I made a test file with PPLPLP pages and it converted well to PDF in LO on Windows 10.

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I still have the issue. Once my file goes from portrait to landscape, the remaining pages stay in landscape. In the Print dialog, as I scroll through the pages, again, once it switches to a landscape page, all pages are displayed in landscape -- even the initial pages that were in portrait. If I Export to PDF, it works great, but when printed to paper or PDF Creator, the bug persists.

Rugslug gravatar imageRugslug ( 2016-12-01 00:22:45 +0200 )edit

Have you upgraded to the latest version yet?

floris v gravatar imagefloris v ( 2016-12-01 09:05:03 +0200 )edit

Yes. 5233 and 5300beta1 on Windows 10.

Rugslug gravatar imageRugslug ( 2016-12-01 10:12:19 +0200 )edit

You save in like docx?

floris v gravatar imagefloris v ( 2016-12-01 10:20:24 +0200 )edit

It is saved in odt format.

Rugslug gravatar imageRugslug ( 2016-12-01 10:50:40 +0200 )edit

Do all sub docs start with a page style break with associated page style?

floris v gravatar imagefloris v ( 2016-12-01 13:51:28 +0200 )edit

My file is a single file.

Rugslug gravatar imageRugslug ( 2016-12-01 15:17:31 +0200 )edit

It's probably something in that file then. Start a new, blank document in Writer. Copy/paste the entire old file into the new one. Try again with the new file. Alternatively, try a new file with dummy text and landscape and portrait pages and see if that doesn't work either.

floris v gravatar imagefloris v ( 2016-12-01 15:21:51 +0200 )edit

I created a new file on a separate computer with Portable Apps v5.2.3.3. PPPLPLP. It results in the same issue. The preview in the print dialog switches everything to landscape; a print to a PDF file has all pages after the first 3 in landscape; Exporting to PDF results in the correct layout.

Rugslug gravatar imageRugslug ( 2016-12-01 15:43:07 +0200 )edit

Maybe it's the printer settings then.

floris v gravatar imagefloris v ( 2016-12-01 16:38:49 +0200 )edit

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